Issues during mooring phase: there is no improvising while in the sea

Issues during mooring phase: there is no improvising while in the sea

Whether it’s a sailing boat or a motorboat, before going out into the sea, it is good practice to make sure that our maneuvering abilities to enter and exit the berth are appropriate. If one doesn’t have these capacities or doesn’t have a skipper who does, the odds of causing damages to the boat or to people are quite high. Some videos on the internet prove that these events aren’t very rare and could be dangerous and harmful to people and things.
We cannot exclude that incidents such as these could even threaten the life of those who, within the crew, are maneuvering. In order to avoid such accidents, if one isn’t capable of handling such maneuvers alone, it is recommendable to rely on someone who has the appropriate skills.

The number one rule is: there is no improvising while in the sea.

Distractions, mistakes, but mainly the absolute lack of marine culture or experience in the sea, added to superficiality and thoughtlessness, are the main cause of the boat accidents that each year fill newspaper pages. Navigation is complex and it includes a high level of knowledge and preparation even if it’s a simple trip out in the sea.

For these reasons, it’s mandatory to take all the possible precautions in order to avoid unpleasant problems such as: the wrong calculation of the residual headway, or of the possible ramming of the nearby boats, up to the risk of remaining caught between the hull and the pier with dramatic consequences.

The main rule for a good mooring

The mooring maneuver requires great concentration and preparation, whether it’s of the stern, or of the bow. For these reasons it’s necessary to follow a few essential rules.

  • During the mooring phase, it is fundamental to keep the engine at minimum speed.
  • Concentration, calm and patience are the keywords for a good maneuver.
  • Concentrazione, calma e pazienza rappresentano le parole chiave per una buona manovra.
  • If you feel you are having difficulties, don’t hesitate to request the assistance of a dinghy or of a boatman. It could be the right solution to avoid damages.

A first fundamental phase is the one of preparing yourself for the maneuver, even before leaving the pier. Knowing the main mooring knots and knowing how to coil ropes is the foundation for a good departure in complete safety. Observing the intensity of the wind and understanding how the boat moves in relation to the forces that interact. For example, helm, engine and wind certainly represent the best starting point.

You shouldn’t underestimate an advanced action planning through a careful evaluation of the scenery and a correct allocation of the tasks to assign to the different members of the crew. Conducting a complicated vehicle such as a boat should require that each member of the crew has an already established and precise task.

By following these initial procedures that allow to act in complete safety, no one will have reason to criticize the moves of who maneuvers. However, there are a few external factors that can influence the outcome of the mooring action and that do not depend on a poor preparation.

Anxiety: a bad advisor

As we mentioned before, the mooring operation is a maneuver that requires great concentration and anxiety, in this case, just like in any action that calls for ability and concentration, represents a man’s worst enemy.
We are talking about an anxiety generated by ourselves but also by those who surround us while we are maneuvering. For example, the possibility of receiving many unprecise suggestions or even not receiving the immediate and correct help you need.
However, whether it comes from the outside or from inside ourselves, we can state that anxiety during mooring is one of the most common feelings. This is why it’s a good practice to not pay attention to anything that might disturb our concentration.

A precious piece of advice in this regard is to remain lucid and concentrated and use any technique you prefer to stay relaxed and calm. The only common antidote to everyone is the one to review the basic nautical rules. A fresh preparation on mooring techniques and the procedures to do it in the best possible way will guarantee a safer action.


Finally, the last thing you shouldn’t underestimate is the reliability of the elements that compose your boat. A good mooring action should be followed by a complete stability of the boat.

The use of quality dampers certainly guarantees a higher comfort on board and the possibility of relying on a safe and stable mooring.

All of our Seadamps are built to guarantee maximum security. The inside components are unassailable by the corrosive action of the sea or external agents. This is why they require minimum maintenance guaranteeing a longer life cycle compared to traditional dampers.

With our products we constantly commit to solving problems related to the security of dead weight anchorage by reducing considerably the swaying of the boat.

Our products are generally installed on the classic mooring or anchor line, however, we don’t exclude different solutions in accordance with the client’s needs. For example, the underwater installation for those who wish to stop at anchor or the installation of the damper on the deck of the boat.

Seadamp Steel, for example, can be the right product for boats that exceed 55 tons in weight and for anchorage of floating docks and breakwaters.

Our systems insure a strong stabilizing effect against waves and Seadmp Plus, the newest entry in the Seares family, guarantees an energy recovery system. All this with zero impact onboard, high efficiency and, above all, maximum security.

Seares products last efficiently in time and improve the durability of all the devices that contribute to mooring such as ropes, fairleads and bollards, thanks to fact that they aim at reducing the strong pressure that these devices would have to undergo.

EVO, STEEL and PLUS dampers avoid a breakage in mooring if the inside spring breaks, a unique characteristic of our products that is quite rare to find among other competitors.

On a comfort level, we commit to guaranteeing a reduction of the swaying thanks to a damping action and to the absence of the classic squeaking during mooring, which is an important characteristic especially when the harbor is characterized by undertows. In fact, often harbors provide clients with standard mooring springs. Seadamps are built according to specific processes that guarantee quality, durability and advantageous insurance.

With Plus we present a new generation of dampers that generate energy from the movement of the waves. Through a smart system of energy recovery, this product guarantees the possibility of keeping batteries charged during mooring.

Thanks to the use of innovative and 100% sustainable materials, we always manage to reach excellent results. Maximum security, top comfort and green technology are the ingredients to navigate in complete serenity and save money and time.

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